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Edmonton Homes For Sale | Kelly

 Good afternoon, Norm! My name is Kelly Johnston, and I am writing you today to share a small story about the positive impact your services have had on my life….


Many, many years ago, my mother hired you to find the home that I ultimately grew up in; a home which is still in our family to this day. Our single mother moved around a lot prior to buying our house in Millwoods, so settling in and establishing ourselves there was such a great accomplishment. Growing up, your marketing material was literally a part of my life as I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have Norm Cholak calendars, refrigerator magnets, notepads – so many items! – all around the house. As a small child I didn’t understand anything about the real estate business or why we had all this stuff, so I always assumed you were a friend of the family or something that liked to give us these gifts.


When I was formulating my career goals and weighing the pros and cons of making the move to a commissioned sales role, my mind kept going back to this Norm Cholak: the name I always remembered in the real estate business because it was so much a part of my personal history. So, when I decided to make the move, I did it because I was inspired by the life-long impact that a home purchase can make, and how incredibly important it will be in determining one’s quality of life. Norm, I just really wanted the chance to speak to you, and to say thank you! Though I don’t live there anymore, my mom still resides in that house and it is so cherished; as a place of comfort and memories but also as a smart investment that was and continues to be, perfect for our family.