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Make a room feel bigger edmonton

(NC)—In today’s competitive real estate market, a major disservice a homeowner can do to their space is clutter it up, making it appear smaller. No matter how big or small a house may be, adjustments in each room can maximize the potential of the space. It is recommended that sellers employ these five tips to make rooms feel bigger:

1. Use light colours. Dark colours tend to close a space up, while lighter colours make a room seem larger. If the room is painted a dark colour, opt instead for a lighter shade on the walls to keep the overall feel of the room, or go with a neutral shade.

2. Maximize natural lighting. Letting natural light stream into a room will open it up. For this reason, try to show the house while it is light outside and make good use of natural light. Clean the windows, pull back the drapes, and let in as much daylight as possible.

3. Hang mirrors. The use of mirrors is recommended because they give the illusion of increased depth. So will light colours, which reflect natural light and help brighten up a room.

4. Buy space-saving furniture. This trick ensures that the furniture doesn’t take up too much space in the home. Stylish and elegant tables and chairs that fold up when not in use create an air of space that allow the home to maintain its openness.

5. De-clutter. When it comes to adding space, you need to be ruthless with some of your possessions. If they haven’t been used recently, or don’t fit in with the rest of the decor, they should likely be removed from the room.

Some sellers are open to renovations but for others, simple fixes like a coat of light paint, adding mirrors and showcasing natural light can make a significant difference to the selling price and also to the amount of time that the home sits on the market.