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Renovation Budget(NC) Fall is an important transition season for home renovation projects. As the summer holidays come to a close and the heat subsides, many homeowners find themselves ready to start preparing for home renovation projects.

A CIBC poll conducted by Harris/Decima revealed that more than one-third of Canadian homeowners plan to take on some form of home renovation project this year. The average project is expected to cost just over $15,000. If you’re planning to do it, be sure to have a clear vision of the project at hand and the goals you want to accomplish.

Are you unsure about what projects are worth your time and money? Fortunately, a number of remodeling projects offer the potential for a high return on investment, but the two most sought after tasks often involve renovating your kitchen or bathroom spaces.

It isn’t always necessary to gut an entire kitchen. Strategic updates such as refinishing cabinet surfaces, installing new light fixtures or adding a backsplash will make a dramatic difference. It’s also worth considering upgrading the kitchen faucet. One of the hardest working appliances in the kitchen, the faucet can also speak to the style and mood in this popular room, say the management at Delta Faucet. Their eye-catching inventory has a variety of styles, finishes and cool technologies that can complement any space ranging from country-chic to modern sophistication.

Bathroom updates are also favoured for yielding a high return on investment. To maximize the lifetime of your renovation, be sure to select neutral colours and finishings. It’s also worth considering adding a second sink where possible. Similar to the kitchen, sometimes smaller, strategic updates can add just as much impact. Updates such as a new coat of paint, a new showerhead or a new toilet can spruce up any space.