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Moving(NC) You’ve found your dream home, made your down payment and closed the deal. Now, with moving day just around the corner it’s time to really get organized. “Mail forwarding, utility changes and packing supplies are just a few items you will want to get ready for. Plan your move in a series of stages for a more seamless and stress-free process. We recommends the following tips for your big move:

Weeks prior to moving:

• Book a moving truck well in advance of your moving date to ensure availability.

• Redirect all essential services to your new address.

• Update your contact information and provide a forwarding address to your bank, insurance company and place of employment.

• Begin packing and designate an area within your home to store for packed materials.

Days prior to moving:

• Label your moving boxes for ease of organization when unpacking and clearly mark boxes with the room they are to be brought to at your new address.

• If you are disassembling your furniture, keep all bolts and screws in a labeled bag or container.

• Keep important medical and insurance documents separate from other moving boxes.

Moving day:

• Be sure to set aside any personal items and valuables that you will need during the day or immediately when you are in your new home.

• Manage your moving inventory by making a list of all boxes and items to be moved. • Check them off as they are delivered to your new address.

After the move:

• Inform your automobile insurance company of your new address. Your insurance company will have a limited grace period for this change, so be aware of your timeframe.

• Get to know your neighbours and surroundings so that you can feel settled and comfortable. Moving can seem a daunting task, but with the right planning and preparation, you can make moving day a success and begin enjoying your new home sooner. More information can be found at

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