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Downsizing(NC)—When moving to a smaller space homeowners need to do some serious de-cluttering. Homeowners have a tendency to fill up any space they are in, which is why de-cluttering is so important during a downsize. Stripping your home of extras will make moving to a smaller space easier on you and your family.

To make this process seamless, the following is recommended:

Set a de-cluttering date.
Set at least two de-cluttering dates for this task. This will help you stick to a timeline and lessen the chances of putting this off. You can also make a game out of the de-clutter date by timing how long each room takes. Bringing fun to this onerous task will make the time go by more quickly.

Use labeled boxes.
Prepare large, labeled boxes and use these to separate the things that need to go from the things that you can’t live without. You can assign two boxes to each room for this purpose.

Take it one room at a time.
Small rooms are more manageable spaces. Starting with a smaller space, and therefore less pressure, will help you get the hang of de-cluttering without making you feel overwhelmed. Start with the bedrooms, then move to the dining and living rooms. Leave daunting storage spaces like the basement for last.

Get the entire family to help.
De-cluttering can be fun if you make it a family activity. Involving everyone in the household is also a smart way to avoid spats about throwing out a loved one’s prized possession that you didn’t know existed. With the input of family members, the task gets done in half the time.

Reconsider your furniture.
There is no way you will be able to fit 4,000 square feet of furniture into 1,500, so you will need to decide what pieces of furniture you would like to keep and what can be sold off or given to charity.

While it can be a significant time investment, de-cluttering is a necessary part of downsizing that will help showcase your home and assist in getting your asking price.